Wine Tasting Notes

Wine #1 Casta Del Papa by Renaissance Mosti Mondiale – Rhone Ranger 12.5%
     Began August 22, 2010 / bottled September 11, 2010
     9/11/10 – Initially tasted very good, slight sulfer acid forward  Grade 6 by JS
     9/11/10 – Ron’s Review Day 1
          Color:  Clear ruby red with a light blue rim.
          Nose:  Slight sulfur smell and a little hot (alcohol) on the noise.  The aromas of smokey raspberry, cherry
          and dark fruits were there but not well defined.
          Taste:  Good first impression.  Forward tannins and alcohol with a lot of rich fruit flavors in the background. 
          Finish:  Short finish with a lingering wild berry aftertaste
          Conclusion:   This wine needs time to smooth out.  It has good underlining fruit and smokey aromas that
          will come forward and balance with the tannins and alcohol in about 6 months.
          Foods:  Anything rustic and simple such as onion soup, roasted potatoes and onions,  beef stew,  pork roast,
          stuffed cabbage or smoked sausage.
     12/27/10 – Isn’t as good as Day 1
     1/16/11 – Smoothed out and is very good.  Slightly fruity.  Grade 7 by JS

Wine #2 White Bourg Royal Blanc by Renaissance Mosti Mondiale – Chardonnay Blend 12.4%
     Began September 20, 2010 / bottled October 14, 2010 (day 24)
     9/20 – Initially tasted good, slight sulfer acid forward  Grade 5 by JS
     12/25 – Taste good as table white with mixed reviews.  Seems to be getting better.  Grade 6 by JS

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